What makes us unique


Outdated Health Scores

Retroactive Customer Engagement
Poor Churn Risk Anticipation
Undefined Customer Goals
Reporting at EOQ
Innacurate leading indicators


Scaled CX Management

Efficient High-Intent Handling

Accurate NRR Forecasting

AI-Driven Insights for strategizing

Clear Customer understanding

Internal + External indicators

Customer Intent like never before. How?

Predict Customer Behaviour

Define your ideal customer for AI models to learn behaviors that drive value.

Discover Buyers’ Intent

Identify which customers are researching on topics that matter to you.

Track Workforce Changes

Looking for champion movement? Recent executive hires? We’ve got your back.

Unveil Expansion Potentials

Funding. Layoffs. Mergers. Hiring Sprees. Know what it means for your revenue

Find Conversation Insights

Read between the lines to understand true customer sentiments.

Decode Social Pulse

Keep up with your customer’s social activity across platforms & communities.

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Metrics moved


Increase in NRR


Growth in Expansions


Decrease in Logo Churn

More accurate Forecasting

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Customer Management Hub

Gowri Shankar Nagarajan

Gowri Shankar Nagarajan

VC at Antler

SaaS landscape and how investing in customer success is key for continuous growth

Varun Goel

Varun Goel

Customer success leader

AI to enable customer success and collective work for customers success

Supercharge your long tail account management

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Supercharge your long tail account management

Get started today.